Expressive Arts was the best part of my childhood. May, Pearl and the team pass on so many great lessons for life, that will remain with me for my entire life. Thank you. ROBYN CAHILL

The magic of May and Pearl’s teaching is their ability to bring out confidence Iyou never knew you had that stays with you throughout your life. PAUL MORIARTY RTE

For ten years Expressive Arts was my favourite part of the week. I was always filled with so much excitement walking into each class, and we had so much fun year upon year. I miss the Expressive Arts days, but thank you for giving me ten years of wonderful memories and life-long friends. SARAH CURTIN

Expressive Arts has been such a part of my life! I have such amazing and fond memories of my time there, especially now that I am teaching myself. MEADHBH HASSETT

When I think back on my days at Expressive Arts, I’m overcome with a warmth of great memories. I fondly recall spending my Saturdays learning invaluable skills, and making great friends along the way. I do know I will be forever grateful for providing me with the best thirteen years of my life. EVAN CORR

Expressive Arts has meant so much to me and I will really miss it.  You have always been so motivating and inspiring.  You have taught me so much (not only singing but) in how to be the best version of myself and for that I am truly grateful. JANE HENRY

image Thank-you for everything. CAOIMHE & ROSIN LIDDANE

It saddens me greatly to leave Expressive Arts after twelve  incredible years. Thank you for all you have taught me, not only  about performance but also about myself. OISIN GOGARTY

I was a student of Expressive Arts for ten years and Pearl, May, Geri and Tommy have helped me so much with building my confidence and I will always have them close to my heart. KILLIAN FITZGERALD

May and Pearl thank you for give me the courage to perform and for your never-ending belief in our talent and abilities. It has been a truly magical experience, one that I shall never forget. HAZEL MURPHY

Expressive Arts is the success that it is today because of it amazing and dedicated team. Thank you for the most wonderful memories. LAURA HUNT

Such lovely memories of fun and excitement and most importantly creating friendships that are still part of my life. THERESE HUNT

Expressive Arts was not just a class I went to every weekend, but a huge part of my life growing up. Will never forget the great times we had. Thank you for everything! DOMINIC PUNCH

Words cannot express how thankful I am to have had Expressive Arts in my life.  The lessons you have taught me have shaped the man I am now and saying goodbye to Expressive Arts is like saying goodbye to family.  So from the bottom of my heart, thank-you for guiding me and believing in me. JAMES CORR

Expressive Arts taught me so much about the skill of performing. It opened up the whole world of Musical Theatre and memories I will cherish forever. Thank you Expressive Arts. CIARA SHIEL

Expressive Arts was such a huge part of my childhood. Going to class is what I looked forward to most in the week. I loved the excitement of the classes , but what I cherish most is the confidence I gained while I was there. This, I have been able to carry with me through life, and for which I wish to thank the team in Expressive Arts. SARAH ALLEN

The years that I was in Expressive Arts were some of the best years of my life. The excitement and the rewards of the shows were amazing GILLIAN LISTON

Expressive Arts holds a very special place in my heart, laughter, friendship and lots of glitter. CIARA ENRIGHT

To take part in Expressive Arts is not just to learn to act, sing or dance. It is an experience that fills any young child with a confidence, a self-belief and a drive to succeed in life. Some of us went on to try out the world of professional performance, others went on to become leaders, in the world of broadcasting, presenting, lecturing, law and business. Expressive Arts was a key part of my development. NIGEL DUGDALE