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Established 30 years ago by its directors, Expressive Arts enjoys a well-earned reputation for excellence and achievement in the MidWest. The team brings with them years of experience, both as well-known performers and teachers. This Theatre School has proven to be one of the foremost of its kind in the region.

The Expressive Arts programme is designed to educate and coach children from the age of 5 years up to 18 year-olds in the skills of Drama, Singing and Dance. Each class involves a separate module in these three skills, where pupils work with specialists in each of these disciplines.


Promoting and encouraging confidence and self-assuredness in each student is the primary aim of Expressive Arts. Our team consists of highly qualified graduates experienced in theatre, music, tv and film. 


We specialise in nurturing and developing talent in young people while instilling a lifelong love of the Arts. Over the years it has become evident to the tutors in Expressive Arts, that when children are in a safe and secure environment, confidence and talent will thrive and blossom. This is evidenced by the many past students, who took their first tentative steps on stage, and are now leading lights on the professional stage, in the media and in the music industry.


Expressing yourself is not just about the stage, it’s about finding a voice for whatever road you travel in life . Many of our past students continue to perform on a daily basis with confidence and verve, in a varied range of jobs and professions right across the employment spectrum. Another measure of the success of this school is the number of second generation children, who now attend the classes.

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